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“הורני רחום חקיך”

“My parent, your bosom is merciful”.
The umbilical cord.

Fumbling in the dark, activating the sixth sense, overcoming a negative result, dejection and pessimism. Discovering the occult, hyperactivity, overcoming depression, lost and found, prophecy, direct contact with the Creator. Enlightenment, responsibility, courage, fearlessness.

Kabbalah E-Books
Random Name


"לך לבדך הגדולה"

Meaning: “The greatness is yours alone”. Dreams and messages from the universe. Function: Escape from the shackles of mundane reality. Setting the soul free. Allowing the soul to be directed. A glance at the past and at the future and the ability to see the future. The ability to make the right decisions. The power to change problems and predestined disasters. To dream – to recharge the soul. A deep sleep.
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